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It 193 Unit 9 Project

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IT 193 Unit 9 Project  
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Rewrite the program from Unit 8 using a file to store the country names and abbreviations (this file Countries.txt can be found in Doc Sharing). This will allow the user to search the more than 250 countries and abbreviations from the complete ISO list.
Read the country names and abbreviations in to the array of structures.
Note: Unless you include Open File dialog boxes, copy the file into the binDebug folder for the project.
Note: For help in basing a new project on an existing project, see “Basing a New Project on an Existing Project” in Chapter 5.
Optional Extra: Allow the user to select the file using the Open File dialog box.

Project Grading Rubric
Anyone up for a challenge? This course offers you the opportunity to go beyond the required course
material. Two Challenge Levels are offered to supercharge your coursework: Programming Whiz and Rock
Star Programmer.
Challenge Levels are a great way for you to learn more about programming, better improve your existing
skills and abilities, and/or highlight how knowledgeable you are in the unit material. These levels do not
count for additional points or guarantee a higher grade.
Challenge Levels offer you an opportunity to stand out, learn more, and gain confidence.
To start, follow the rubric and project instructions as normal. If you choose to try it, supplement your
project with the challenge levels. Reach out to your instructor and do some research for resources. The
“Programming Whiz” level adds to the basic level, and the “Rock-Star Programmer” level adds more
challenges to the “Programming Whiz” level.
If you start a challenge level, but it becomes too difficult to handle, please stick with the basic project
instructions, as found in the rubric to calculate your grade. Most importantly—have fun with it!
Your Challenge Levels for this week:
Programming Whiz
Allow the user to write the...


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