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Mba 5401 Analyze Case Study I-4

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MBA 5401 Analyze Case Study I-4  
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supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New York City” (on pp. 157-165in the textbook).• Analyze the case study, and develop the conclusions, recommendations, and implications.• Consider the implementation challenges in the case and the technologies used to meet them, along with the finalquestions posed at the end of the case. (last paragraph on p. 165)• Summarize your findings in a two-page paper using proper APA formatting.
Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: TheChildren’s Health Fund of New York CityThe Children’s Health FundThe Children’s Health Fund (CHF) develops and supportsa national network of 22 programs and two affiliates in 15to 17 states in the United States and the District ofColumbia. The mission of the CHF is to provide comprehensivehealth care to the nation’s most medicallyunderserved children, from birth up to age 24. In-personprimary health care, mental health, and oral health servicesare delivered by teams of doctors, nurses, dentists,psychologists, social workers, and nutritionists at morethan 200 service sites across the United States inpartnership with pediatric departments and specialists inaffiliated academic medical centers or Federally QualifiedHealth Centers (FQHC).The CHF’s integrated approach to health care isconsistent with the concept of an “enhanced medicalhome” in which continuity of care is ensured via coordinationacross multiple healthcare providers and specialties.In the United States, the Medical Home concept is beingadopted as one aspect of health care reform to ensure ahigh quality standard of care that also seeks to increaseefficiencies and reduce costs for acute care. This type ofintegrated health care delivery is enabled by health informationtechnology (HIT)—not only computer software butalso communications networks.1The cofounder and president of the CHF, Dr. IrwinRedlener,...


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