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Tlmt 331 Midterm

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TLMT 331 midterm

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Question 1 of 20
  5.0 Points
The systems approach and the actor approach have been used to develop a two-element approach.

A. True
B. False

Question 2 of 20
  5.0 Points
The supply side of the EIT market is traditionally divided between companies based upon rail and road transport respectively.

A. True
B. False

Question 3 of 20
  5.0 Points
Which of the following are EIT network designs:
Correct     A. hierarchic network    
Correct     B. direct connection    
Correct     C. shuttle train    
Correct     D. hub and spoke    

Question 4 of 20
  5.0 Points
Intermodal transportation is defined as the fully coordinated door-to-door efficient delivery of freight using two or more dissimiliar modes of transport.

A. True
B. False

Question 5 of 20
  5.0 Points
Transport integration across modes faces additional complex problems rising from Correctinstitutiona l and Correctregulatory choices made at several levels of hte government.

Question 6 of 20
  5.0 Points
Types of firms important for outsourcing and intermodal coordination include:
  A. freight forwarders    
  B. container leasing companies    
  C. custom brokers    
Correct     D. all of the above    

Question 7 of 20
  5.0 Points
Intermodal freight transport inevitably requires _________ changes at connecting points or intermodal terminals.

Question 8 of 20
  5.0 Points
We assume that cost per distance for roads only, and the road part of intermodal transport, is the same. This assumption _______ be realistic.
B.may not    

Question 9 of 20
  5.0 Points
________________ has received attention in terms of alleviating road congestion, reducing negative impacts on the environment and being an alternative mode in emergency of disaster.
A.outland shipping    
B.coastal shipping...


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