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Netw 230 Week 8 Final Exam Set 1

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NETW 230 Week 8 Final Exam Set 1
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1.   Question :                         (TCO 1)             enables multiple servers to work together to provide high availability of services and applications. It links two or more discrete computer systems so they appear to function as though they are one.  
2.   Question :                         (TCO 1) A domain is a grouping of network objects, such as computers, servers, and           , that provides for easier management.

3.   Question :                         (TCO 1) Each           has one or more access control entries (ACEs) that state which objects have permissions to the file or folder and what permissions
they have.

4.   Question :                         (TCO 1) The simplest way to initiate installation from another OS is to pass an unattended install answer file to the setup command. Use the Windows
          Kit to create an answer file for automating Windows Server 2008 installation.
5.   Question :                         (TCO 7) When the             is assigned to a file, users can view the attributes, such as read-only and hidden, of a file or folder.
6.   Question :                         (TCO 2) The IPC$ share is used for interprocess communication between

7.   Question :                         (TCO 3) Along with the various security options on an object, you can stop permission inheritance from an object’s parent by unselecting the   permissions from the Object’s Parent check box.
8.   Question :                         (TCO 8) A RAID 1 volume requires             disk drives.
9.   Question :                         (TCO 9) For servers that need to offer services to the Internet, consider using a demilitarized zone (DMZ), where computers can exist and communicate with the Internet and the DMZ is separated from the internal network by a
10. Question :                         (TCO 9) The reasons for having more...


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