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You Recently Graduated from College

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You recently graduated from college

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You recently grauduated from college, and your job search led you to S&S Air. Because you felt the company's business was taking off
you accepted a job offer. The first day on the job, while you are finishing your employment paperwork, Chris Guthrie who works in finance
stops by to inform you about the company's 401k plan.

A 401k plan is a retirement plan offered by many companies. Such plans are tax defferred savings vehicles, meaning that any deposits
you make into the plan are deducted from your current pretax income, so no taxes are paid on the money. For example, assume your salary
will be $50,000 per year, if you contribute $3000 to the 401k plan you will only pay tax on $47,000 in income. There are also no taxes paid on any capital gains or income
while you are invested in the plan, but you do pay taxes when you withdraw money at retirement. As is fairly common, the company will match 5%.

The 401k plan has several options, most are mutual funds.
S&S Air uses Bledsoe Financial Services for its 401k administrator. Here are the investment options:

Company Stock - one option in the 401k plan is stock in the S&S Air. Currently privately held, planning on going public in 4 or 5 years. Until then stock
set price is made by board of directors.

Bledsoe S&P 500 Index Fund - Mutual fund tracks the S&P 500. Stocks are weighted the same as the S&P 500. Fund expenses are lower. THe Bledsoe S&P 500
charges expenses of 1.5 percent of assets per year.

Bledsoe Small-Cap Fund- Fund primarily invests in small capitalization stocks. As such, the returns of the fund are more volitale. The fund can also invest 10 percent
of it's assets in companies based outside of the United States. This fund charges 1.70 percent in expenses.

Bledsoe Large Company Stock Fund- This fund invests in primarily large capitalization...


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