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Smoking? I do not understand why people can put something that is so damaging to their bodies. Do people even think about what it can do to themselves and their surroundings, and how many chemicals there are in a cigarette?

Smoking is a really bad habit and has become very common and fashionable among teenagers and young boys and girls. Smoking usually begins at school when students discover new things and its not only smoking, sometimes it is drugs too.
Even though doctors warn against smoking, people continue to smoke. Some teenager’s smoke to be a part of society and some teenagers say that smoking makes them look and feel cool. It is something we as a society need to work on and try to prevent by teaching citizens about the consequences of smoking in an early age.
The way teenagers typically start smoking is by taking a few puffs from their friends and those innocent puffs can lead to a smoking addiction. Many young teenagers start smoking because they look up to someone who smokes, such as a movie star or soccer player or a cool friend. The smoking begins to affect the health and it can lead to lung cancer and other diseases.
What can we as a society do about this problem and how can we prevent more smokers?
In Denmark it is really easy for minors to buy a pack of cigarettes.
I do not think smoking should be allowed in public places because it affects those who want to have a healthy lifestyle. However, is that a choice I can make or it is a thing the government needs to take care of?
I think that the government needs to take smoking more seriously. Even though every packet of cigarettes has a warning inscribed in it that informs the smokers about the health consequences. Despite that, smokers rarely read the label and even if the smoker does read it, they rarely pay attention to it or relates to it personally.
Even though the government raises the price, the smokers continue to be “slaves” of this unhealthy habit. These smokers do not only harm...


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