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Busn 420 All Quizzes Solutionbbb

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BUSN 420 All Quizzes   Solution
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Two Sets of Quizzes Included
BUSN 420 Week 1 Quiz
Question 1
5 out of 5 points
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 applies only to foreign public accounting firms that provide auditing services to "issuers."
Question 2
5 out of 5 points
Yves is an accountant charged with negligence by Zesty Soup Company, a client. Yves may successfully defend against the claim if he can show that
Question 3
5 out of 5 points
Mona, an accountant, prepares for NuTech Corporation a financial statement that omits a material fact. The financial statement is included in NuTech's registration statement, which Pam reads. Pam buys NuTech stock. Under Section 11 of the Securities Act of 1933, for Mona to be liable for the omission, Pam must show that
Question 4
5 out of 5 points
Professionals are obligated to adhere to standards of performance commonly accepted within their profession.
Question 5
0 out of 5 points
Generally, an attorney is not liable to a nonclient unless the attorney has committed fraud.
Question 6
5 out of 5 points
Filtration Products, Inc., files a suit against Emmett, its former accountant, alleging constructive fraud. Emmett may be held liable
Question 7
5 out of 5 points
A client's negligence is never a defense to a charge of negligence against an accountant.
Question 8
5 out of 5 points
Rex, an accountant, enters into a contract to provide services to Sofi. Rex does not finish the work within the contract's deadline. Sofi pays a penalty for the missed deadline and hires Trey to complete the job. Rex is most likely liable for
Question 9
5 out of 5 points
Tiny is an accountant. Tiny's violation of generally accepted accounting principles and generally accepted auditing standards
Question 10
5 out of 5 points
Tony is an accountant whose clients include U-All Company. If Tony is negligent in his work for U-All, most courts would hold...


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