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Costco Health Insurance Plan Student’s Name:

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Costco Health Insurance Plan
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Costco Health Insurance Plan
Costco Health Insurance plan focuses on providing health care to families at no extra cost. The medical plan receives commission from insurers, then distributes the insurance products to the respective customers.
Module 3 Discussion 1: Analyzing the Costco Health Insurance Plan

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Three Strengths Rationale Three Weaknesses Rationale

Available even when on leave or absent from work. When one is absent for a licensed leave, he or she is eligible for the benefit coverage depending on time allocated.
There are limited health benefits for part-time employees Part-time employees are limited to choosing the benefits. They can only gain eligibility after working for 34 paid hours per week.

Offers the 401k plan.
The cover allows employees contribute towards the scheme. Money goes into the account either after or before taxation depending on the employees’ choice of plan.
Eligibility termination Even after joining the program, you are not a beneficiary for the rest of life. Once you cease employment, or upon retirement, eligibility ends. That of family members ends too.

The deductibles and copayments are low

The annual deductible is $50 for individuals and $150 for a family. This amount is small and affordable to many.  
Some expenses are subject to limitation.   The plan does not cover some expenses. For other benefits, the costs are limited. For example, a case presented after one year since the date of service cannot be covered.


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