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Mgt 557 Final Exam Solutions

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MGT 557 Final Exam Solutions

MGT 557 Final Exam Solutions

1) To most people the words bargaining and negotiation are?

2) Whereas distributive bargaining is often characterized by mistrust and suspicion, integrative negotiation is characterized by which of the following?

3) Distributive bargaining strategies:

4) Good distributive bargainers will:

5) Which of the following processes is central to achieving almost all integrative agreements?  

6) Which of the following 5-step processes has been used successfully in a collective bargaining situation?

7) Which of the following is one of the five linguistic dimensions of making threats?

8) Gibbons, Bradac, and Busch suggest that threats can be made more credible and more compelling by using:

9) The concept of duty ethics states that?

10) Ethical criteria for judging appropriate conduct define?

11) Audiences hold negotiators accountable in all but one of the following ways:

12) Which of the following would you not likely find the use of an agent in negotiations?

13) Which of the following is a property of a coalition?

14) Which of the following lists three of the major types of coalitions?

15) What is the result of procedural complexity in multiparty negotiations?

16) Research on gender characteristics in negotiation?

17) Self-efficac:

18) The extent to which people perceive that they have control over events that occur is called?

19) We use the term culture to refer to the:

20) Which of the following is an immediate context factor in cross-cultural negotiations?

21) Which of the following lists the stages of the perceptual process in the correct order?

22) The chilling effect states that?

23) Which of the following is heavily involved in helping to establish or enhance...


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