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Rice Milling Machine and Rice Processing

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Various types of RICE MILLING MACHINE and Rice Processing use machinery designed to perform a variety of modifications and sorting applications prior to packaging rice for consumer sales. Of these equipment types, the most important are those that remove impurities from the product. The second most important machines are those that guarantee uniformity in product texture and coloration. Next Wintone Machinery introduce you machines used in Rice Milling Machine and Rice Processing.

Destoner Rice Milling Machine and Rice Processing
The destoner is one of the most important pieces of rice mills machinery. Stones or other bulky impurities are commonly present in grain products. The destoner separates impurities such as stones and sand from the paddies. However, it does not use typical sifting technology to accomplish this. Instead, it employs a method called bulk density comparison. Sand and stones are separated from the product bulk through a primary sieve. A fan then drives the product through a secondary sieve. The lighter product is reclaimed by the airflow, while the heavier debris separates and is discharged from the sieve.

Paddy Husker Rice Milling Machine and Rice Processing
As its name implies, the paddy husker removes the husk form the product. The paddy enters the husker through a feed that leads into a chamber that houses pneumatically controlled rubber rolls. These remove the husks from the product as it passes through the chamber. A combination of electric and pneumatic controls runs a more advanced type of paddy husker. This model type combines the advantages of reduced time (pneumatic) with greater precision (electric).

Paddy Separator Rice Milling Machine and Rice Processing
Paddy separators are another essential type of rice mills machinery. Their purpose is to remove both course and fine contaminants from stock paddies. One type of separator uses a sieve where the product is distributed across the width of the upper portion....


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