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Stranger Paper

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Stranger Paper
For the past week, I watched the kid who sits in the back left corner. Later, I came to find out his name is ... I chose him because I have seen him around school and he looked interesting.   I took notes on his behaviors including likes, dislikes, habits and tendencies.
On the first day, Mr. K seemed to know his name, which makes me wonder if … has had him in class before. That same hour he looked disinterested and sleepy during the Code of Conduct. This makes me think he gets very little sleep during the school year, as he also fell asleep after taking the pretest. Some other stuff I learned in class is that he enjoys delayed gratification since he kept his starburst when we did that exercise.
I also observed his clothing. Everyday he wore a white shirt, black shorts, black socks, and white ADIDAS slides. After observing this, it makes me believe two things: his favorite color is white and he likes uniform in life. The question exercise confirmed that his favorite color was white. As for the “uniform” theory, I think it is also true because when we had to rip a piece a paper he made sure he made the perfect rip. I also noticed all of his clothing was one brand: ADIDAS. Along with his clothing so is his backpack. I can conclude he likes ADIDAS and maybe he knows someone who works for ADIDAS so he gets a discount.
The fact that he dressed in athletic clothing made me believed he played sports. I saw him playing tennis after school one day and helping with the girls’ practice. I also heard him tell *** he played soccer freshmen year. These observations strengthened my belief that he played sports and is athletic.
Another observation I made was that when in uncomfortable situations his face turns red indicating his discomfort. I noticed this while participating in the question exercise when the question “On a scale of 1-10, how important is religion in your life?” was asked he said pass and his face turned bright red. This may be because he...


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