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Mother's Love

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Crime levels increase, unemployment at a very high peek. S mother, with her two children struggle everyday to survive. She, unemployed for more than 3 years is now dependent on government grants to go on but the money is never enough to last for a month.

Her elder son, at 17, had been arrested more than one can count. Charged with robbery, attempted murder and involvement in drugs. He was a primary school dropout. There was never enough money to assist with his studies.

The daughter at 16 had been pregnant and taken in by the police after trying to kill her own child at 3 days after birth. She was in a rehab center for the mentally ill.

The mother had never attended school because in her day there was never encouraged the opportunity for woman to study. They had always been classified as domesticated beings; born for household duties and conception, while the men went out to work and drink alcohol all day and even have other wives. The woman was never identified for her efforts and her views never mattered

But the father had died an abusive alcoholic who was never employed. He had been killed by his own community after finding out he had raped his own daughter multiple times at the age of 8-14. Had an illegitimate child with his daughter and an unknown woman. It was Like a norm in the African society, the have as many women as you wanted.

But life Never improved but only was getting worse. There was more freedom for people but with that freedom they forgot about the responsibilities. The consequences and the law. They were emotionally unstable and fighting for survival.


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