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My Mother

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Every morning she wakes up to make sure I'm ready for school, she irons my clothes, makes my lunch serves me breakfast.

Her nurturing words echo in my ear every hour of everyday. Her sweet voice expressing her deep love for me. As an only child, I am spoilt, having lost my father at the age of 6 in a train accident; more like suicide.

But everything changed when I began to see life from a different, "mature" angl . Started looking at boys, the men. I started going out with the wrong crowd, smoking, drinking and wearing too revealing clothes. Men started having an interest in me, less than a week I'd change from aGTI to a Merc and then an Audi.

Until one day, at a party, a 32 year old man approached me. Offered to buy me a drink and asked for a dance. It wasn't long till I forgot who I was for I was so drunk. Then nan offered to take me home because I was in no state to go home alone. I hesitated for a moment but before I could even give an answer, he took me by the hand and led me out of the club. In a few minutes I was in his car.

He was sweet, had a handsome look and best of all had blue eyes. The most charming man I have ever met. In just less than 30 minutes, m we were somewhere, unrecognizable place. My heart started beating so hard as if i was about to choke from it. I remember him complimenting my beauty and how well built I was

In fact I was charmed, and I leaned over to kiss him. One thing led to another till I found myself naked in top of a man I hardly even know.

I was scared of what would transpire at that moment and hesitated a bit, he told me everything would be fine with his sweet, sexy voice. I was on, and dying to have him.

The following day I woke up in the middle of nowhere, with a hangover. There were trees and a stream of water but I knew not where I was. I was scared, I stood up then I realised a patch of blood on the floor. I looked at my skirt, as I stood, there was a terrible pain on my under parts. Now I was...


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