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Bus 520 Week 11 Final Exam

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BUS 520 Week 11 Final Exam  
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1. Scholars note that the same heart surgeons have lower death rates for similar procedures when performed in hospitals where they do more operations.

2. The catchwords for an effective team are empowerment, participation, and diversity.

3. A team is a small group of people with complementary skills, who work actively together to achieve a common purpose for which they hold themselves collectively accountable.

4. Teams that recommend things consist of people with formal responsibility for leading other groups.

5. Teams that recommend things typically work with a target completion date and disband once their purpose has been fulfilled.

6. Teams that run things may exist at all levels of responsibility, from the individual work unit composed of a team leader and team members to the top management team composed of a CEO and other senior executives.

7. Teams that make or do things are functional groups and work units that perform ongoing tasks such as marketing departments.
8. The head of a formal group serves a linchpin role that ties the group horizontally and vertically with the rest of the organization.
9. Temporary work groups often appear on organizational charts as departments, divisions, and teams.
10. Cross-functional teams, or task forces, are created for special problem-solving efforts.
11. Informal teams have the potential to speed up the workflow by enabling people to assist each other in ways that formal lines of authority fail to provide.
12. The informal structures and their embedded social relationships that are active in an organization are identified by social network analysis.
13. Cross-functional teams bring together persons from different organizations and industries to work on a common task.

14. The functional silos problem occurs when members of functional units focus on external issues and do not...


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