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Do You Really Know About Quartz Crystals or Oscillators?

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Do You Really Know About Quartz Crystals or Oscillators?

  Crystal is commonly used in the clock circuit ,and the full name is quartz crystal resonators, which is made from quartz crystal piece .Crystal makes full use of the piezoelectric effect to make the basic clock frequency, which is amplified or reduced by the frequency generator and become a variety of reference frequency in the computer. Crystal is usually tiny and light, and has a stable frequency ,so it is widely used in household appliances and communications equipment.
  Crystals can make electrical and mechanical energy transformed into each other .It often works at a resonate state ,to provide a stable and precise single frequency resonation. In the working conditions, the absolute precision of frequency of general crystal can be up to 50%, and some senior one’s precision is higher. Other oscillator s’ or crystals’ frequency , can also be adjusted within a certain range when added impressed voltage. They are also called VCO(voltage controlled oscillators).
  There are two main functions of crystal. The one function is the crystal can supply the basic clock signal for the system. Generally the elements within a system share a crystal, to keep all the parts in the same pace. In some communication systems , there are different crystals for the fundamental frequency and the Radio frequency, which can then keep in pace by electronics adjusting frequency. The other function, it can work with a phase-locked loop circuit to supply the demand clock frequency to the system. If different subsystems need different frequency clock signal, which can be achieved by different phase-locked loops connected with the same crystal.
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