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Asci 254 Final Exam

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ASCI 254 Final Exam
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Which of the following is NOT one of the developments that has had a negative efect on competition in the airline industry since deregulation?
In 1975, the CAB, under Chairman John Robson,
The FAA would normally investigate all of the following, except
Which of the following aspects of government regulation of air transportation was NOT expressly afected by the provisions of the Airline Deregulation Act?

When the United States began awarding international routes to trunk carriers other than Pan American, Pan Am was at a particularly serious disadvantage because, unlike the other trunk carriers, it had
The progression of deregulation has been described as proceeding in phases, or waves. Which of the following is NOT one of the phases described?
The first comprehensive airport noise regulation statute was the
Passenger Facility Charges are charges levied on passengers by airports, and in 1996, they accounted for 15 percent of total airport capital development expenditures. For what purposes can these funds be used?
At dominated hubs, air fares are most likely to be

The Federal Airport Act of 1946 was replaced in 1970 by the
The current U.S. agency that licenses and regulates U.S. commercial space launch, reentry activities including launch vehicles and non federal launch sites is the
Which one of the following has been termed the "most significant piece of aviation legislation since the deregulation act"?
Labor relations between the federal government and its employees are governed by the
The event known as "September 11," the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, occurred in 2001. Prior to this event, forecasts for the airline industry were for

Stage 3 aircraft are characterized by which of the following?
As of 2012 the FAA's ofce of Commercial Space Transportation had licensed how many non-federal commercial launch sites in the United States?...


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