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Statistical Analysis Lesson 6

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Statistical Analysis Lesson 6
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Online Exam 6_06

Question 1 of 40
2.5 Points
Based on meteorological records, the probability that it will snow in a certain town on January 1st is 0.413. Find the probability that in a given year it will not snow on January 1st in that town.
  A. 0.345
  B. 0.425
  C. 0.587
  D. 0.592

Question 2 of 40
2.5 Points
Suppose you have an extremely unfair die: The probability of a 6 is 3/8, and the probability of each other number is 1/8. If you toss the die 32 times, how many twos do you expect to see?
  A. 2
  B. 4
  C. 3
  D. 5

Question 3 of 40
2.5 Points
A committee of three people is to be formed. The three people will be selected from a list of five possible committee members. A simple random sample of three people is taken, without replacement, from the group of five people. Using the letters A, B, C, D, E to represent the five people, list the possible samples of size three and use your list to determine the probability that B is included in the sample. (Hint: There are 10 possible samples.)
  A. 0.6
  B. 0.4
  C. 0.7
  D. 0.8

Question 4 of 40
2.5 Points
A study of two types of weed killers was done on two identical weed plots. One weed killer killed 15% more weeds than the other. This difference was significant at the 0.05 level. What does this mean?
  A. The improvement was due to the fact that there were more weeds in one study.
  B. The probability that the difference was due to chance alone is greater than 0.05.
  C. The probability that one weed killer performed better by chance alone is less than 0.05.
  D. There is not enough information to make any conclusion.

Question 5 of 40
2.5 Points
Suppose you buy 1 ticket for $1 out of a lottery of 1000 tickets where the prize for the one winning ticket is to be $500. What is your expected value?
  A. $0.00
  B. −$0.40


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