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Hosp 450 Complete Course Project -Solution All Parts Included

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HOSP 450 Complete Course Project -Solution
All parts Included

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Course Project: Planning and Carrying Out a Tourism Activity

The course project for this class will entail your plan to carry out a tourism activity that focuses on one of the
following themes:
Event Tourism Ecotourism
Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Tourism Leisure Tourism
Ethnic Travel Religious tourism
Timesharing Sports Tourism
Educational Tourism Cruise
You are to select one of the above topics and submit a well-thought-out proposal for a trip, taking in
consideration the cost of the program, the characteristics and needs of the target audience, and the learning
goals of the activity. You will also need to prepare a marketing piece to sell the activity to your target market
and build excitement for the trip.
Components of the Course
Project Rationale
How and why did you choose the activity?
What research did you conduct to arrive at this decision?
What demographic and data did you use to help with your decision?
What do you hope to achieve with this trip?

Do you believe this plan will succeed in the long run?
Create a SWOT analysis.
Overall Plan
Overview of the program
Competitor information: are there other providers already doing this?
Potential problems
Staffing, resources, and facilities needed
Participant and staff safety
Marketing Plan
How will you market your trip to your demographics?
What are some challenges you are expecting in the area of marketing?
You will need to create an elaborate marketing plan for this part of the project.
How will you determine that you achieved your goals?
How will you evaluate your participant response?
Is this trip profitable? What can you do to make it even more profitable?
Course Project Part 1 – due Week 2 – 60 pts: submit y 1. our rationale...


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