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Devry Hrm 592 ( Training and Development ) Entire Course

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DeVry HRM 592 ( training and development ) Entire Course


DeVry HRM 592 ( training and development ) Entire Course

devry hrm592 week 1 discussion dq 1& dq 2

dq 1

Strategic Training and Development Process (graded) Let’s begin by discussing the process of linking our organizational strategy with our training and development process.

Take a look at Figure 2.2 on page 66 of the Noe text. How do we begin the strategic training and development process?

Let’s also take a look at some examples of organizations and their training programs. Take some time to research a few organizations of your choice on the Web (if you need some suggestions, you might try General Electric, Pfizer, or Qualcomm). Then do the following for each organization you research.

Identify and research: Identify the organization’s mission, values, and goals. Find any information that is provided regarding the company’s training practices and how they relate to the goals and strategies of the organization (hint: many organizations include information about their T & D practices in their Careers sections).

Compare and contrast the different organizations that you research, including their approaches. How are their processes similar or different? What elements impact each company’s approach?
dq 2

Future Trends in Training and Development (graded)

Go online and research the future trends relative to the field of T & D. Consider researching professional organizations such as SHRM or ASTD. What predictions do you find? Where do you think the field of T & D is heading? How can T & D help an organization’s competitive advantage?

DeVry hrm592 week 2 discussion dq 1& dq 2

dq 1

Needs Assessment (graded)

Present some methods of training needs assessment. Imagine you are an operations manager at a manufacturing facility. What method would be best for this type of...


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