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Cj 110 Module 8 Final Examination Answers

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Be sure to submit your essay exam in one WORD document and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox. Paper needs to a minimum of 7 to 8 pages, include 6 to 7 references.

1. Explain how domestic violence policies evolved in local police departments across the United States. What is the trend in policing today? Discuss the research findings on the impact of mandatory arrest for misdemeanor domestic violence.
2. Discuss the recent trends in terrorism in the United States, and the impact they’ve had on American Police. Are American policing becoming so focused on terrorism that they’ve shifted their policing approach away from community policing?
3. Identify the six different theories of police corruption. Explain which theory you believe best explains why police corruption occurs. Discuss steps that you as chief of police would take to reduce the potential for corruption in your agency.
4. The Miami-Dade Employee Identification System represents its version of an early warning system. As the materials supplied indicate, officers are identified on the basis of citizen complaints, use of force incidents (using officer reports), commendations they have received, any correctional action already taken, and any change in promotional status. Discuss these criteria. Do you think they are likely to reduce misconduct and improve the quality of police performance? Or do you think they are likely to deter officers from doing important police work? Will police officers avoid taking action because they are afraid of getting a complaint or becoming involved in a use of force incident?
5. Discuss the pros and cons of technology in policing today. Think about technology’s impact on police officers, police agencies, and citizens. Will federal funding reductions reduce the ability of local law...


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