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The Phone Crystal Story in “Descendants of the Sun”

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From “My Love From the Star” to “Descendants of the Sun”, everyone is   attracted by the Kim Su Hyon and Song Joong-ki who are gentle and handsome. Actually what attracts us is not only the charming stars ,romantic love story ,but the Samsung used by the heroes. Today I will talk about crystals used in the Samsung phones from the   “Descendants of the Sun”.
The unique feature of the Samsung is that the company is in charge of all links including the R&D, design, production, logistics, retail. And most importantly, Samsung is in control of the core parts and elements in phones and computers. Being fickle in affection is human’s nature. In order to cater the common, smartphones replacement has been continued in the past few years. As 3G network is gradually being integrated by 4G network, people have more requirements for the large screen and high definition display of the smartphones.
4G stands for the fourth generation mobile communication network and technology. Compared with traditional communication communications technology, 4Gcommunications technology’s most obvious advantage is call quality and data transmission speed. It is a second leap forward after 3G. However, high-end crystal is the key of 4G network development. When it comes to oscillators, Japan is remembered at right. The brands such as Epson, KDS, and Seiko are famous for the crystals and oscillators. They have the large share of the industry and huge sales.
Many mobile phone manufacturers will be confused in choosing within the brands and compare which brand is better when purchasing crystals and oscillators. Actually they have their own advantages. For example , Epson is famous for quartz crystal oscillators in the form of tuning fork, which is 32,768kHz series. MC-146 is hot from the start of MP3 and MP4’s radio module to a variety of the famous brand phones. High-end phones never lack OCXO, which is Epson’s main products. There are a widely-used OCXO, which is 3225 SMD, 24.000MHz and 26.000MHz...


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