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Industrial Gas Global Market Briefing

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Industrial Gas Global Market Briefing Released By The Business Research Company


Industrial Gas Global Market Briefing provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global Industrial Gas Services sector.

Industrial gases are also referred to as bulk gases or commodity gases; they are produced in relatively large quantities by companies for use in a variety of industrial manufacturing processes. The industrial gas industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial organic and inorganic gases in compressed, liquid, and solid forms .

The largest segments in the industrial gas market as of 2015 were hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Use of Hydrogen Gas In The Automobile Industry – Cars powered by hydrogen gas are being produced by some automobile manufacturers. These cars produce lower emissions than traditional vehicles, as the only emission from the car is water either in the form of water vapour or droplets there are no emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen or particulates. Consumers’ preference for alternative fuel vehicles is driving the demand for hydrogen powered vehicles and hydrogen gas. For example, Toyota launched hydrogen-electric fuelled Mirai car in October 2015 thereby indicating the possibilities for increases in hydrogen gas demand through the automobile industry.

Industrial Gases Applications in Food and Beverage – The food and beverage industry is increasingly utilising food-grade industrial gas. Food grade industrial gases include nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide which are used to chill, freeze and package a variety of food products such as dairy and frozen products, beverages, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, convenience foods, bakery and confectionery. Health-conscious consumers are also demanding fewer additives, safer and fresher food...


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