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Printing Inks Global Market Briefing

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Printing Inks Global Market Briefing Released By The Business Research Company


Printing Inks Global Market Briefing provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global Printing Inks Services sector.

Printing inks are liquids that contain pigments or dyes that are used to produce images, text and designs with a printing machine. They are widely used in letterpress and lithographic printing.
The printing inks industry comprises establishments which primarily engage in manufacturing printing and inkjet inks and inkjet cartridges.

The largest segments in the printing inks market as of 2015 were oil-based printing inks, followed by   solvent based Inks   and water-based printing inks.

UV Curable Inks Are Increasing Automation – The introduction of UV curable inks has increased automation in industries associated with manufacturing. UV curable inks do not contain any solvents that require evaporation during curing. UV curable inks have become an alternative for water-based inks due to their ability to fit over different substrates. They are widely used in the printing, publication and medical industries. According to a report by Adhesives Magazine, the UV curable inks market is expected to grow at a CAGR of xx% during 2015-19

Biodegradable Inks For Environment Sustainability – As environmental sustainability becomes increasingly important, biodegradable inks have grown in significance for the field of printing inks. Biodegradable inks are based on castor oil, an organic cleansing agent that allows it to be washed off printing plates without using toxic petroleum cleaning products. The simplification of the post-use recycling of paper and other packaging products enables separation of inks from the paper for pulping. For example, EnNatura has developed an ink based on a solvent derived from vegetable oil and a proprietary...


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