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Qnt 351 Full Course Quantitative Analysis for Business

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QNT 351 Full Course Quantitative Analysis For Business

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QNT 351 Full Course Quantitative Analysis For Business

Week One: Understanding the Meaning of Statistics
Details Due Points
Objectives 1.1   Explain the role of statistics in business research and its application in business decision making.
1.2   Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative variables.
1.3   Differentiate among the four levels of measurement and how they are used in data collection for research.
Reading Read Ch. 1 of Statistics for Business and Economics.
Reading Read “Levels of Measurement” in Ch. 1 of Basic Statistics for Business and Economics.
Participation Participate in class discussion. Ongoing 25
Discussion Questions Respond to weekly discussion questions. 10/16/13
10/20/13 25
Nongraded Activities and Preparation
Week One Optional Activity Develop five demographic questions to measure gender, age, years of experience, level of education, and ethnicity. Identify the level of measurement used.
Nongraded Activities and Preparation
Four Levels of Measurement Scenario Data was collected by a large car manufacturer concerning a new prototype car, the Cielo. Thirty carefully selected respondents were shown the car and fully briefed about its capabilities. The data collected included age in years, gender, social status—ranging from 10, low status, to 30, high status measured by Likert scale; attitude toward the Cielo—ranging from 6, negative attitude, to 30, positive attitude measured by Likert Scale; and intention to purchase the Cielo—yes or no.

Use the previous scenario to identify the following:

•         Whether the data is qualitative or quantitative
•         The measurement level for each variable

Justify your answer with your understanding of four levels of measurement.

Develop 1...


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