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Leg 110 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers

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LEG 110 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers
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1 ) In a state that has a comparative negligence statute, a jury determined that the plaintiff has sustained damages of $50,000 and that the percentages of fault are plaintiff 40 percent negligent, defendant 60 percent negligent. What would be the plaintiff’s award of damages in this case?

2) Ron is walking down the sidewalk not paying attention to where he is going. He runs into Ruby Jewell who is carrying a large sack of groceries. The groceries spill onto the sidewalk. Two blocks away Bud slips on an apple, which had rolled down the sidewalk, and falls onto the street as a result. Jim, driving his pickup truck prudently down the street, swerves to avoid Bud. As a result, Jim hits a car driven by Nadine Culpepper. In the accident, Nadine’s antique flower vase, in which she was carrying flowers to her sick grandmother, is completely shattered. In Nadine’s suit against Ron for negligence, which is the weakest element of her case?

3) A state statute requires that ski areas be maintained and operated in a reasonably safe manner and prescribes methods by which skiers must be warned about the presence of equipment and vehicles on slopes and trails. If a ski operator violates the statute and a skier is injured, which legal doctrine will be of primary benefit to the skier who sues for damages?

While shopping with her mother in Arnold’s Super Market, eight-year-old Janet was allowed to roam around freely. Without her mother’s knowledge, Janet opened a jar of jelly and spilled the contents on the floor. Two hours later while intently watching a good-looking butcher, a shopper named Bernadette slipped on the jelly and broke her leg. Bernadette sued the super...


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