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Geog 101 Week 4 Midterm Exam Answers

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GEOG 101 Week 4 Midterm Exam Answers
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Question 1 (Worth 1 points)
The term that is used to indicate decreasing levels of spatial interactions with increasing distances is:
1. distance delay
2. state’s rights
3. diversity theory
4. oblast
5. distance decay
Question 2 (Worth 1 points)
Central America, as defined by geographers, is:
1. a region within Middle America between Mexico and Colombia
2. a region that incorporates all the lands and islands between the U. S. and South America
3. the regional term for the Greater Antilles, “that is, the Caribbean’s larger islands”
4. the heartland or central zone of Middle America (its technical name is Mestizoamerica)
5. the region covered by Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize
Question 3 (Worth 1 points)
The rebellion in Chiapas was designed to occur at the same time as:
1. the launching of NAFTA
B. Christmas
2. the presidential election in Mexico
3. other Mexican states were seceding from the country
4. none of the above
Question 4 (Worth 1 points)
The Western European state that is not a member of the European Union is:
1. Austria
2. England
3. Spain
4. Switzerland
5. Belgium

Question 5 (Worth 1 points)
The leading manufacturing/industrial complex in Poland is located in:
1. Gdansk
2. Warsaw
3. Slovenia
4. Silesia
E. The Ukraine

Question 6 (Worth 1 points)
The major difference between an endemic and a pandemic disease is that:
1. an endemic disease moves swiftly through the population of a local area, whereas a pandemic disease is simply present, affecting the lives of millions of people in a negative way
2. a pandemic disease moves swiftly through the population of a local area, whereas a endemic disease is simply present,...


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