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British Love
Composition two
Prof.   Johnny D. gilbert Jr.

Every citizen in America should be very thankful that they live here. Not only does America gives us equality and diversity but it also gives us many rights-ones that all humans should be able to experience. The United States of America is a country that is based on the fact that its citizens have more freedom than anywhere else. One right that all Americans have is the freedom of religion, this right is important to us because without it we would be like other countries and have to practice a certain religion. To free education and a better education, we also have many responsibility that should not be taken lightly. The ability to vote in an election when you are eighteen or older is another that we have, this right allows us to express our opinion on who we think would be a great leaders. To make sure that our rights could not be taken away, we wrote them down in the Constitution and they are called the Bill of Rights.
To be an American means many things to me, it means that you are part of one of the greatest countries in the whole world. To be an American means that you are a citizen in one of the most diverse countries in the world, and that you must learn to accept everyone and their cultures. We also are given the right to privacy, unless you have parents like mine and there is no privacy until your grown and on your own.   Working at a convenient store I meet different people every day and is a joy to learn and see the many different cultures. The belief that everyone can has a chance to advance themselves and become anything they want is one of the only ideas that link everyone in America together. Being in America you have the ability and the opportunity to overcome our challenges by coming together and finding solutions, that many people many people can’t do in other countries.
I let my children know every day how lucky they are to be in American and they should take advantage of all...


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