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Choose one theory of identity from Chapter 1 of Mapping Psychology (Book 1) and write an essay describing how it contributes to understanding the identities of people with physical disabilities.

Since there is no single theory providing the one ‘correct’ view of identity, questions are raised about whether humans stay the same through lives or change over time.     In Part 1 of the TMA, from the three theories of identity - Social Identity, Social Constructionism and Psychosocial Identity, which often focuses on different aspects and issues, motivated by different psychological concerns.   One of these theories is going to be linked into assisting us to understand its contribution and understanding of the identities of people with physical disabilities.

As the ‘self’ is categorised to be building blocks of identity, fitting into a particular category to become a part of our identity.   Identity is a theory of humans, created from our personalities and relationship with people.   Human identity is very different when compared to the animal kingdom.   Over time questions have been raised, as to whether identities are ‘fixed’ or do they change over time.     Three theories by psychologists to study identity were devised.   Firstly, Social Identity Theory (SIT) is considered with identities associated with physical disabilities and is also connected with intergroup discrimination.   Secondly, Social Constructionist Theory (SCT) embodies the position of an identity, negotiated by identities of the people.   Lastly, Psychosocial Theories (PT) is totally concerned with bodily aspects of identity for example - the body at old age.   The insider accounts (people having experience of their own identity) and outsider viewpoint (the psychological processes and happening in groups without making reference to people and their experiences) were the theories used to understand the different methods and identities of people.     Also through semi-structured...


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