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The Frequency of the Common Products

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Oscillators and crystals are widely known in the electronics, communications, computers, and so on for their high accuracy and stability. Sometimes we may face the similar questions such as what frequency of the oscillator in the circuit? Now I will tell something about the frequency of the everyday products.
The first is consumer electronics:
1. The frequencies of   common televisions are 4.433619MHz, 3.5795MHz, 12.000MHz;
2. For DVDs they are 4.500MHz,7.200MHz;
3. For amplifiers: 27.000MHz, 13.500MHz, 54.000MHz;
4. For remote controls: 455E, 4.000MHz, 32.768KHz.
5. For air conditioning: 4.194304MHz,4.000MHz;  
6. For small appliances: 4.000KHz,6.000MHz,4.194304MHz,32.768KHz;
7. For toys and games with a remote control: 6.000MHz,27.145MHz,27.125MHz,49.860MHz,12.000MHz,24.000MHz,10.000MHz,8.000MHz,48.000MHz;
8. For PMP,MP4: 27.000MHz,12.000MHz,24.576MHz;
9. The frequencies of   common cameras and videos are: 27.000MHz,54.000MHz,36.000MHz.
The next is communications products:
1. The frequencies of fixed telephone: 3.579545MHz;
2. For cordless telephones: 10.250MHz,10.245MH,10.240MHz,10.100MHz,13.824MHz,32.768KHz;
3. For PHS: 19.200MHz
4. For TCXO in the cell phone MTK program: 27.000MHz,24.000MHz,26.000MHz;
5. For Bluetooth, GPS, RF(2.4G), car reversing radar, navigation: 16.000MHz,12.000MHz,26.000MHz
6. For Walkie-talkies: 21.400MHz,21.7000MHz
Finally, for computers and related electronic products
1.The frequencies of main boards: 14.318MHz、24.576 MHz、25MHz、27MHz、32.768KHZ;
2.For monitors: 8M/14.31818MHz、12.000MHz、24.000MHz、28.224MHz;
3.For hard disks: 23.040MHz,28.224MHz;
4.For drives: 33.8688MHz,16.9344MHz,18.432MHz;
5.For keyboards: 6.000MHz
6.For mouse they are 6.000MHz,12.000MHz,24.000MHz;
7. For cameras: 12.000MHz;
8. For the Bluetooth: 16.000MHz.
1. For the wireless WIFI: 25.000MHz,2.5G/3G(40.000MHz,44.000MHz)
2. For ADSL: 12.288MHz,35.328MHz,50.000MHz.
So many oscillators and crystals which is helpful to our daily life.


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