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Cmgt 554 Entire Course

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CMGT 554 Entire Course

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CMGT 554 Entire Course
CMGT 554 Week 1 DQ 1

Almost all IT administrators understand the significant part which IT performs in business these days. But, some people in the business community don’t always know the requirement for IT involvement in day-to-day functions. What are the main functions of IT in business these days and just how would you describe these roles to a business manager who feels IT is only a support function?

CMGT 554 Week 2 DQ 1

Communication is an essential asset of all businesses. However, most non-IT users rarely understand how this communication takes place. How would you use the layers of the OSI model to explain the communication process to these users in a way that is understandable but did not turn them off to the explanation?

CMGT 554 Week 2 DQ 2

One of the most important roles of IT managers is to make sure that communication is available and works 24/7 for most companies. What are the major communications protocols in use today and how are they monitored to ensure continuous availability?

CMGT 554 Week 2 DQ 3

Based on the Jones (2008) article, what is Industrial Ethernet and how does it affect the overall operation of the network? Why would a company be interested in this technology?

CMGT 554 Week 2 Individual Assingment Paper PattonFuller Community Hospital IT Department

Resource: Patton-FullerCommunityHospital Virtual Organization
Prepare a 1,400-2,450 word paper including the following:

Identify how data is transmitted within the hospital and externally.
Identify and describe the OSI layers directly involved.
Relate this information to the OSI model.

Identify the various protocols that are available for use, and provide a recommended standard that should be used for the hospital.
Use outside research to show how these standards have been...


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