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Hist 410 Final Examination Answers – Devry

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HIST 410 Final Examination Answers – DeVry
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Question 1.1.(TCO 1) Historical research involves four main tasks. Discoverrefers to the task of: (Points : 4)
locating primary sources to learn the facts
asking questions like “Who created the source and why?”
analyzing all the available primary sources and judging which is the most accurate
distributing the new findings to the world

Question 2.2.(TCO 6) In 1917, as World War Iraged through Europe, Russia:(Points : 4)
finally broke through the German army and drove into Germany
defeated the Austrians and invaded the Balkans
experienced two revolutions and sued for peace
was completely overrun by the Germans

Question 3.3.(TCO 5) All of the following were major factors that helped the Reds to win the Russian Civil War except: (Points : 4)
peasants and minority nationalities feared a White victory more than a Red one
Whites wanted to continue WWI
Bolsheviks controlled the heartland of Russia
Whites were not unified as well as Bolsheviks

Question 4.4.(TCO 5) What event marked the beginning of World War II? (Points : 4)
the Nazi-Soviet Pact
the German invasion of Poland
the Anschluss
Germany’s annexation of the Sudetenland

Question 5.5.(TCO 9) What city was divided during the Cold War, and became a hotspot for espionage and intrigue? (Points : 4)

Question 6.6.(TCO 9) How did the Korean Warstart? (Points : 4)
Communist troops from South Korea attacked North Korea.
Communist troops from North Korea attacked South Korea.
China attacked United Nations troops.
North and South Korea were divided after a bitter civil war.

Question 7.7.(TCO 8) What was the intention of the Marshall Plan? (Points :...


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