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The Complete Insight of the Business Owner in the Tax Profession

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Jonathan Clements
Module 2
Informative Report Essay #1

The Complete Insight of the Business Owner in the Tax Profession

It really is a great feeling when you receive your income tax return after taxes are taken out of every pay check you worked for all year long. To get an income tax return from the government you have to file your taxes. Most people need help filling out or filing their taxes so, they go to an accountant/preparer to assist them in doing so. Accountants help clients with their taxes so the client does not make a mistake or miss an opportunity to possibly receive more money than they had previously thought. As you can tell accountants do not have much trouble getting clients in their door. Have you ever wondered how accountants that own their very own tax business got to where they are today? There are several important steps required in becoming a successful tax preparer.
The most imperative thing any future tax preparer needs to make sure of is that they are and will be legally eligible to assists clients in the tax office. If someone is not eligible to do taxes legally and they attempt to do taxes for pay, it is a very serious crime. If a situation like this happens to occur the Revenue police will have you arrested. Most of the time for offenses like these you will spend time in prison. The punishment is very harsh mainly because as an accountant/preparer you are dealing with clients’ personal identities and also committing a crime on a federal level and a state level. Offenses like these are not taken lightly.
To legally be able to help clients as an owner of your own tax business and get paid you would have to attain certain credentials/approval on both a governmental and state level. These requirements include the following: Approval by the IRS, background check by the FBI, pass a certification class, pass a competency exam, and every year after becoming certified you need to complete twelve hours of CPE...


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