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Double Wall Paper Cups Market - Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, Forecast 2024

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The ever increasing food and beverages industry and the safety associated concerns to the products during their transport are the factors expected to bolster the growth of double wall paper cups. The growth of these packaging systems is driven by the growing demands from food and beverages industries, as well as ease of use for end users. Due to the durability and hygiene of double wall paper cups, they are preferred by end-users, resulting into steady demand. The base paper for these cups is called “cup board” and they are manufactured on special multilayered ply paper machines and this paper has a waterproof barrier coating. The paper used for manufacturing paper cups needs to be highly stiff and should have a strong wet sizing. The paper cup manufacturing processes have a special-grade cup board. It should have good elongation properties and also plastic coating for a good mouth roll formation. With these properties, a well formed mouth roll will give a better stiffness and good handling properties to the cup.

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Originally, the paper cups used for hot beverages were pasted together and were made water resistant by dropping some clay at the bottom of the cup and then spinning it at a high speed so that the clay spreads to the walls of the cup, making the cup water proof. But this made the beverage smell and taste like cardboard. Then the cups were manufactured by spraying wax on both sides of the cup making it water resistant. Clay and wax coated cups disappeared with the invention of polyethylene coated cups. The paper cups are segmented into single wall paper cups and double walled paper cups. Typically for cold drinks a single wall cup will do. For hot beverages, double walled paper cups are used as it offers greater insulation against the heat released by the beverage. Generally, single walled paper cups used for hot beverages as take out coffee...


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