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Bshs 375 Full Course All Weeks Discussion and Assignments

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BSHS 375 Full Course all weeks discussion and Assignments

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BSHS 375 Full Course all weeks discussion and Assignments

BSHS 375 WeeK 1 DQ 1

Identify one health information technology advancement in the last decade that had an impact on human services and is not mentioned in the readings. Describe that impact and how it improved the delivery of the service.

BSHS 375 WeeK 1 DQ 2

Discuss the benefits and limitations of integrating technology into a human services organization. Identify best practices that would invest human service practitioners in the process

BSHS 375 WeeK 1 Individual Assignment – Information Technology Timeline Worksheet

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Information Technology Milestones Worksheet, available on the student website.

BSHS 375 WeeK 1 Individual Assignment – Interoperability Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper discussing interoperability.

Include the following topics in your paper:

• Identify one kind of human services organization—for example, mental health provider or foster care provider—and describe the services provided.

• Investigate and describe the three methods of interoperability.

• Discuss how each method of interoperability could be integrated into the selected organization and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

• For each method, describe the backup plan should technology fail.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

BSHS 375 WeeK 2 DQ 1

Why is it important to track client encounter? What information must be tracked in a client encounter? Identify one software application that can help track client encounters and explain how using the application could improve service delivery.

BSHS 375 WeeK 2 DQ 2

BSHS 375 WeeK 2 Individual Assignment – Software for Human Services...


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