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Ascm 629 Week 7 – Midterm Examination

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ASCM 629 Week 7 – Midterm Examination
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Each essay answer for questions 1 through 10 is worth ten points. Please use a between 150 and 300 words per answer. Your answer may include content from text or readings, conference discussions, or relevant workplace examples. These must not be merely cut-and-pasted from other sources. Please do not contact a UMUC Reference Specialist in developing any answer, as discussed in the syllabus. Please save the examination with answers as a Microsoft Word document under a new filename the includes your last name, section 9020, and “midterm.” An example is \scheer9020midterm.doc .
Please include your name and section number at the heading inside the document. Answers should appear in order, from one through ten. Please make sure you have an answer for each question before submitting it for grading. Completed exams are to be submitted in the mid-term examination assignments folder. These are due before the date indicated in your course schedule. Note that your assignments folder is locked after this time and the exam cannot be submitted.
The test represents 30 percent of your total class grade, so please spend quality time in preparing answers. I estimate that it will take about four to six hours to answer all ten questions; perhaps shorter for some students and more for others.

1. Please summarize reasons why purchasing is no longer a clerical responsibility but has become a strategic priority.    
2. Describe strategic sourcing as a part of the process to developing a high-performance, sustainable supply base.    
3. Describe and illustrate three issues associated with aligning purchasing objectives with...


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