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Engl 230 Entire Course

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ENGL 230 Entire Course

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ENGL 230 Entire Course
ENGL 230 Quiz Week 1 DeVry

(TCO 1) What is the exchange of oral, written, and nonverbal messages among people working to accomplish common tasks and goals?
Organizational Communication
Individual beliefs
(TCO 1) Maintaining candor, avoiding deception, keeping messages accurate, and maintaining consistent behavior are some guidelines for sustaining:
Communication values
Political behavior
Ethical communication
Goal-directed behavior
(TCO 1) Evaluate the following goal in terms of the goal setting guidelines discussed in the chapter: “I want to complete the weekly schedule at least three days before it is due.”
According to the guidelines, this is an appropriate goal.
This is not an appropriate goal.
A better goal is: “I will complete the weekly schedule and have the supervisor review it for errors at least three days before it is due.”
This goal should read: “I’ll try to have the schedule completed at least a day before it is due so as to avoid any conflicts with the supervisor.”
(TCO 1) Trading favors, appearing successful at tasks, associating with the “right” people, and making concessions to obtain others’ compliance are some political strategies you should use only after asking yourself:
“What is my motivation or intent in making this decision?”
“Can I get my way by doing this?”
“Will I get promoted by doing this?”
“Is everyone doing it?”
(TCO 1) When you show that you are interested in what another person has to say by being receiver-oriented, receptive, and responsive to his or her message, you are demonstrating:
(TCO 1) What are some of the advantages of communication openness?
Supervisors know everything that is going on, upper management can take control of decisions, and on-the-job...


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