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Nanoporous Materials-Transition from Atom to Solid, Supports Porous Structure: Evolving Technology, Trends and Industry Analysis – 2016 - 2023.Pdf

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Nanoporous materials comprises of regular organic or inorganic framework that supports a porous structure. The size of these pores is
primarily between 100 nanometers and can even be smaller. Nanoporous materials are classified into two broad categories including bulk
materials and membranes. Nanoporous membranes include cell membranes while activated carbon and zeolites are examples of bulk
nanoporous membranes. Nanoporous materials are manufactured out of natural raw materials; however, artificial nanoporous materials can
also be produced. Nanoporous materials with evenly sized pores have the ability of letting only certain substances pass through, while
blocking others. Nanoporous materials are sub divided into three types including microporous materials, mesoporous materials and
macroporous materials.
Nanoporous materials are used as adsorbents and ion exchangers, they are also employed in the catalysis process, in nano-reactors,
guest-host interactions, as a low dielectric constant mediate. In addition, nanoporous materials are also employed in a wide range of
biomedical processes including decontamination, as an antibacterial agent, in the slow release of drugs and as a filter in hemodialysis.
Moreover, nanoporous materials are of technological and scientific importance owing to their ability to absorb and cooperate with ions,
atoms, molecules on their pore space and their sizable interior surfaces....


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