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Dbst 651 Midterm Exam Answers

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DBST 651 Midterm Exam Answers
DBST 651 Midterm Exam Answers


1. A(n) ____ enables a database administrator to define schema components.
2. extensible markup language (XML)
3. query language
4. data definition language (DDL)
5. unified modeling language (UML)

• ____ provide(s) a description of the data characteristics and the set of relationships that link the data found within the database.
1. A) Queries
2. B) Metadata
3. C) End-user data
4. D) Information

• Which of the following is a characteristic of databases?
1. A) Many users can use the same database at the same time
2. B) Different database entities can be connected to provide more information
3. C) Relevant business data are stored in a database
4. D) All of the above

Use the following to answer questions 4 – 5:

A database table consists of the following columns: employee’s name, SS#, job-title, hiring-date, years-in-job, base-salary.   A bonus calculation program, a personnel promotion application program, and a payroll application program all use this table.   To implement a policy change in personnel promotion, the following column is added to the table: highest-college-degree. This new column is not used by the payroll program or by the bonus calculation program.

4. The following application program will be modified to accommodate the change to the database table:
5. A) The bonus calculation program
6. B) The personnel promotion application program
7. C) The payroll application program
8. D) All of the above

5. The ability to add the new column without requiring changes to all of the application programs strongly relates to the following feature of modern database systems:
6. A) Nonprocedural programming
7. B) Transaction processing
8. C) Data independence
9. D) Data sharing

6. Entity Relationship Diagrams are input to the following phase of Database Development:


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