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All Time Movie Box Office Data

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All Time Movie Box Office Data
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The motion picture industry is an extremely competitive business. Dozens
of movie studios produce hundreds of movies each year, many of which cost
hundreds of millions of dollars to produce and distribute. Some of these
movies will go on to earn hundreds of millions of dollars in box office
revenues, while others will earn much less than their production cost.

Data from fifty of the top box office receipt generating
movies are provided in the fileTop50Movies. The following table shows the
first ten movies contained in this data set. The categorical variables
included in the data set for each movie are the rating and genre.
Quantitative variables for the movie’s release year, inflation- and
noninflation-adjusted box office receipts in the United States, budget, and
the world box office receipts are also included.

Managerial Report
Use the data visualization methods
presented in this chapter to explore
these data and discover
relationships between the
variables. Include the following, in
your report:

Create a scatter chart to examine the relationship between the year
released and the inflation-adjusted U.S. box office receipts. Include a
trendline for this scatter chart. What does the scatter chart indicate
about inflation-adjusted U.S. box office receipts over time for these
top 50 movies?


Create a scatter chart to examine the relationship between the budget
and the noninflation-adjusted world box office receipts. (Note: You

may have to adjust the data in Excel to ignore the missing budget data
values to create your scatter chart. You can do this by first sorting the
data using Budget and then creating a scatter chart using only the
movies that include data for Budget.) What does this scatter chart
indicate about the relationship between the movie’s budget and the
world box office receipts?

Create a...


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