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Mgt101-Hk1. Principles of Management- Midterm Exam

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  Question 1 1 points   Save    
The last step in the planning process is to:

put the plans into action
choose the best alternative for reaching objectives
develop premises upon which each alternative is based
state organizational objectives

  Question 2 1 points   Save    
Which management writer popularized management-by-objectives?

Tom Peters
Frederick Taylor
Peter Drucker
Abraham Maslow

  Question 3 1 points   Save    
All of the following are methods of evaluating the planner EXCEPT:

the organization plan is in writing
the plan only includes short-term recommendations
the plan specifically mentions organizational objectives
the plan is the result of all elements of the management team working together

  Question 4 1 points   Save    
The first step in the planning process is:

list alternative ways of reaching objectives
state organizational objectives
develop the premises upon which each alternative is based
develop plans to pursue the chosen alternative

  Question 5 1 points   Save    
The condition that exists when organizational subobjectives conflict or are not directly aimed at accomplishing the overall organizational objectives is:

a hierarchy of objectives
goal integration
goal disintegration

  Question 6 1 points   Save    
The key to a successful planning process is:

development of alternatives
stating organizational objectives
choosing the best alternative

  Question 7 1 points   Save    
Which of the following is NOT an important qualification of planners?

planners should have practical experience within the organization...


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