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Bus 375 Final Exam All Correct Answers

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BUS 375 Final Exam All Correct Answers

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Instructions This exam consists of multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapters 12,15, 16, 17,19, 20
Question 1
Which of the following schedule compression techniques is often the lowest risk and with the added benefit of lowering the cost?
Question 2
If the optimistic time for an activity is 6 weeks, the pessimistic time is 24 weeks and the most likely time is 12 weeks, then the expected duration is:
Question 3
An activity in a network has the following characteristics: ES = 5, EF = 9 and LF = 12. LS = _____.
Question 4
Which of the following network diagramming methods do not use dummy activities?
Question 5
Smoothing out project resources from period to period is called
Question 6
If the slack in a 12 week activity is 6 weeks and ES = 4, then LF = _____.
Question 7
In which of the following schedule compression techniques is the cost of rework usually the greatest?
Question 8
Which type of chart provides the least “predictive” value?
Question 9
Which of the following is normally not one of the three critical parameters provided in information reporting to the customer?
Question 10
A charting technique designed to illustrate the inductive and deductive reasoning necessary to achieve some objective is called a _____ Diagram / network
Question 11
Which of the following is generally not part of capital budgeting?
Question 12
Which of the following components of life cycle costing incurs the largest cost?
Question 13
Which of the following projects would most likely have reasonably good estimating techniques?
Question 14
Which of the following standard project estimating techniques is usually accomplished in weeks?
Question 15
When a functional manager tells you that your project is 10% more difficult than the standard project, the functional manager is providing you with a _____...


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