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Eco 202 M3 Assignment 2: Lasa 1: the Costs of Production

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ECO 202 M3 Assignment 2: LASA 1: The Costs of Production

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Joseph Farms, Inc. is a small firm in the agricultural industry. They have asked you to help them complete the limited data they have gathered in an effort to enable effective decision-making. Some work can be done using MS Excel but it must be copied to an MS Word file for the final submission of this assignment. To assist Joseph Farms, Inc., respond to the following:

• Using MS Excel or a table in MS Word, complete Table-1 (Joseph Farms, Inc., Cost and Revenue Data).
o Assume that the price is $165.
o Assume the fixed costs are $125, at an output level of 1.
o Assume that the data represents a firm in pure competition.
o Show your calculations.
• Explain the MC=MR Rule.   Describe the market structures to which this rule applies.
• Create a chart to illustrate the data in Columns 9 and 10.
• Describe the profit maximizing (or loss minimizing) output for this firm.   Explain why or why not there an accounting profit?
• Explain why a firm in pure competition is considered to be a “price taker.”

(Assignment continues below Table-1.)

Table-1:   Joseph Farms, Inc., Cost and Revenue Data

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7 Column 8 Column 9 Column 10 Column 11

Level Price per unit Total Fixed Cost Total Variable Cost Total Cost Average Fixed Cost Average Variable Cost Average Total Cost Marginal

Cost Marginal Revenue Total Revenue
0 $             -   NA
1 $     113.00
2 $     213.00
3 $     300.00
4 $     375.00
5 $     463.00
6 $     563.00
7 $     675.00
8 $     813.00
9 $     975.00
10 $ 1,163.00

• Using the data in...


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