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Mgt 660 Full Course Mgt660 All Week Discussions

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MGT 660 Full Course
MGT660 All Week Discussions
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MGT 660 Week 1 Discussion 1
According to Porter, strategy is about trade-offs and choices. Select an example of your choice and elaborate on this statement. Do you agree or disagree? Use your example to support your position.
MGT 660 Week 1 Discussion 2

Using your own words, define strategy. What is the strategy of the organization you currently work for, or one that you worked for in the past?
MGT 660 Week 2 Discussion 1
Could an investor beat the stock market and generate a superior return with companies that have formulated and implemented a blue ocean strategy? Why or why not? Elaborate through at least two concrete examples (use Fortune 500companies different from the ones discussed in the assigned readings).
MGT 660 Week 2 Discussion 2
Select a public company of your choice and run a PESTS analysis. Based on your analysis, what strategic initiative would you recommend? Why?
MGT 660 Week 3 Discussion 1
Choose a company and briefly describe its business and uniqueness in its industry. Now compare its management practices with the six principles described in Lecture 3. Is the company on the right track? Support your response with solid reasoning. Would you add one or more principles to the list? What principles would you add and why?
MGT 660 Week 3 Discussion 2
What is an example of a firm or organization you know about, which, in your opinion, has developed a strategy de facto? Explain.

MGT 660 Week 4 Discussion 1

Select aFortune 500 company of your choice (one that is not named in Lecture 4). Analyze three key organizational capabilities that give the company a competitive advantage. What is it about these capabilities that give the company its competitive advantage? Focus on the three best organizational capabilities demonstrated by the company by providing specific and precise facts you uncovered in your...


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