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Analysis of Magnesia Dolomite Refractory Market

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At present, the combination of Mg-Cr2O3 brick and Mg-Cr2O3 brick is the main material of AOD furnace and large cement kiln firing zone in our country. This brick has a softening temperature load, high temperature strength, high temperature and good volume stability. However, Mg-Cr2O3 brick can be used as the lining of AOD furnace and large cement kiln can bring environmental pollution; discontinuous erosion and anti-peeling is not ideal; Mg-Cr2O3 brick chrome will be molten steel absorption, resulting in Cr content of chromium steel is difficult to control; at the same time the domestic chromite resources are poorer, lower grade, harmful impurities SiO2 content is higher, and the price is high.
Europe, Japan and other countries for resource and environmental considerations, almost all of the AOD furnace are magnesium dolomite refractory material for the lining. The future of pollution of refractory materials, will no longer be produced, and restrictions on imports. With China's accession to the WTO, the national environmental quality standards and environmental requirements, will also be increasingly high. Taking into account the limited resources and long-term development needs, environmentally friendly products will become the mainstream of the future.
In recent years, magnesium dolomite refractories in the steelmaking and cement industry in the application of increasing. With the smelting of stainless steel and the proportion of various special steel increases, magnesium dolomite refractory demand will be more and more, the market prospect is very broad.
At present large-scale foreign cement kiln firing with a large number of magnesium dolomite refractories, has achieved good results.

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