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How to Understand the Development Trend of Some Refractories

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We can often see from the literature on the status of refractory industry and the direction of the development of the article, which we keep abreast of the new refractories at home and abroad to track new technologies, accurate prediction of refractory trends in the future is undoubtedly very useful. However, the development trend of certain refractories should be properly understood, otherwise it will cause undue losses.
The development trend of some refractories, in a sense can be understood as the evolution of these refractory technology, a reasonable extension of the progress of progress, it is with the high-temperature industrial and refractory technology development and change. However, refractory new technologies and new products, does not mean that the previous technology and products will be eliminated. Because the development of technology and products always need to have a certain level, and the progress of technology there is a process that needs to be developed on the basis of existing technology, which is the law of the development of science and technology.
It is true that the development of new products and new technologies is essential to the development of an enterprise, but not all enterprises can gain vitality and benefit from the development of new technologies and new products. why Because a new technology and new product development is the need for a lot of external conditions, such as the quality of workers, technical strength, resource allocation and equipment status. If you ignore these factors, the blind introduction or development of new technologies and new products, it certainly does not work, can only bring losses to the enterprise.
Therefore, the correct understanding of the development trend of refractory materials, the development of new products should be based on local resources and the status of their own enterprises, the only way to enterprises often often new development.
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