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Interview Paper
The future is always changing and engineers are leading that change. I want to be part of that change while doing something I love. This is when I realized that the field of engineering is what I was interested in studying. Always since I was young I’ve always wonder how most things worked in life, When I first heard that we were going to have a chance to interview someone in our fields of study I was excited. I actually knew as soon as it was announce who I was going to interview. I choose to interview my father not only because he has had a great impact in my life of course, but because he is one of the most successful engineers I know. One afternoon when my father had arrived from worked I asked him if I could interview him about his career.   He gave me a smiled and he quickly replied “Of course” We conducted the interview at the dining room table before having dinner. The room was quiet as my father was patiently waiting to hear what kind of questions I was going to ask him. I went ahead and began; the interview was completely conducted in Spanish as the interviewee only understood English well, but couldn’t speak it well. I translated the interview later. Some question where modify a bit to fit the interviewee language barrier. I began the interview asking him “Why did you decide to pick this career field.” He followed by quickly replying “It was all from small curiosity on how things worked.” I asked if he could elaborate a bit more, he did “I would disassemble the item he was curious about and he would try to study how it worked and later assemble it back together.” At this time I followed by asking what was his current degree title and how long it took him to achieve it. “He responded my current degree title is Electrical Engineer and it took me six years. The career takes five years to achieve in Cuba, but because of personal problems I had to stop for a year.” I glance at the kitchen and see my mother which was preparing the dinner, now...


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