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Influence Paper

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Childhood Influences

      A person can be influenced by many things that happen to them; many of these things taking place in their childhood. Most of these things that can shape and influence a person’s view on life later as an adult occur as they are children being raised by their parents. The relationship that their parents have at home, the environment that they are raised in, and the morals and values that their parents instill in them all largely affect the person that they will come to be.
The relationship that their parents have will often help shape the way a person will view relationships in the future, and will set the standard when they go out to look for someone. This is because at this early stage in their lives, they are unsure about how relationships should work, and their parents are often the easiest example to observe. For example, if a daughter observes a relationship in which her father is cruel or abusive to her mother, she is more likely to end up in a relationship that mirrors her parents. However, this can also be a good thing, for if the parents have a healthy relationship; their children will most likely seek out an equally healthy relationship. Parents can easily shape their children’s view on relationships by simply setting good examples.
The environment that people are raised in also plays a large role in how they act in their later life. The people that they are around, the social class they are in, the place they live, and the manner in which they are raised all shape a person into a unique individual. This is often one of the most influential factors in shaping a person, as the people that they are around often affect people more than anything else. This is because most people try to conform to a group for a sense of belonging. So, if they happen to be around a bad group of people, they will likely fall in line with them. This too of course, can work in a positive way, as if a person is raised or forced to live with a group...


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