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Does Form Follow Function

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´╗┐Moriah McMicheal
September 28, 2009
Does Form Follow Function

Every person has different needs that must be met when attending a college. Those needs can consist of many things. Take studying for example, students need a place to study, good lighting and a noise level that is tolerable for their specific liking and comfort. They also need access to tools that can help them in a specific subject. Some like a place that looks a certain way. Some like small areas where as some like large areas, it all really depends on the individual person. Yakima Valley Community College is a college where those who desire to better educate their minds without judgment on their race, language or even academic standing are encouraged to attend. YVCC was built to accommodate many different types of needs of many different individuals. The Glenn Anthon building is one of the more well known buildings. It is one that many students start out in because it holds the more general college courses such as Math, English, History and Social Science. This building does a wonderful job of accommodating all of the various needs of students as I listed above. I would say that in the Glenn Anthon building form definitely follows function.
Studying, one of the most important activities you will engage in during college as well as the one you will probably be doing most often. There are different aspects to studying that must be met before a student can be successful in their studying habits. These different aspects include lighting which in the Glenn Anthon building there are many vast windows that let in a great deal of sunlight, there are also numerous light fixtures hanging from the ceiling that also provide great lighting. Another aspect of studying would be room to study, which once again the Glenn Anthon building provides. The Glenn Anthon building is a two storied building and each floor is equipped with many table and chairs to sit and get work done as well couches to...


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