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Competition in Food Industry

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Food is an integral part of the human’s life. Men cannot live without consuming nutrients. From the very beginning of the existence of humanity food has been like petrol for human and animal beings. Food is what gives strength and continues life. People have always “benefited” from food and will continue consuming it till their last breath. The contemporary business world revealed that demand always results in the corresponding supply. The demand on food caused the growth of variety of the food products and the growth of the number of companies professionally providing food products for people. It is common knowledge that quantity does not always imply quality. As the industry is very lucrative, because people will buy food even during a hard financial crisis, a lot of companies have introduced eatables of a very low quality but in great amounts and cheap price. These products are often not so useful to eat. It can be even said the general foodstuffs quality has significantly decreased in the recent years, along with the growth of product quality in a number of major food-producing companies. People nowadays are not so ready to pay much money in order to get excellent-quality food that will not damage their health status. It is natural that those companies that are interested in being on market for many years and have constant consumers have to offer the best quality of products. Basically, as the demand on food is always high the food industry has become a “battle-field” for many companies causing a great competition...


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