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Causes of Heart Disease

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The Causes of Heart disease
Many of you have heard that people have passed away from heart disease and that they have someone in their family that is suffering from this devastating disease. Have you ever stopped and thought of the actual sources of this syndrome? For a matter of fact there are ways to prevent it and to stay at top health preventing the deaths that we hear of every day to diminish and help the people that are about to endure this long trip and halt it at its roots or even long before. If you stay tuned with a little more I will discuss the foremost points for the reason that people have this disease. Many people undergo heart disease due to high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
As you chunk the fat that is provided in that big delicious and scrumptious burger you are just mounting down loads of fat to your body that will gradually build up in your blood vessels. No need to worry I will assist you in being able to eat those delicious fattening foods and still be in top health. All you have to do is burn them of to prevent the accumulation of the fat in the blood vessels which will later build up to a state that you won’t even move , have heart disease , suffer tremendously , and die . So, exercise is a key in preventing heart disease. High cholesterol can also generate alternate effects such as obesity which can also bring a plethora of other diseases. So, one cause can lead into numerous other effects.
As you live your daily lifestyle you may be at the first stages of diabetes! “YES YOU”! Why and how did you develop or will develop this so called diabetes you might ask me. There are many reasons you may progress diabetes. One is due to family history. Another is not having insulin to help in the breaking down the stored food which will then harden arteries and this syndrome climb up to heart disease issues. To conclude our topic of diabetes and heart disease try to be treated at stage before all the terrible effects of BOTH...


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